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You are dealing with a massive change in how church happens.

With tons of content already in front of people on social media, you have to earn their attention. Quality graphics help do that.

To date, there have been 2.5 TRILLION posts made on Facebook alone.

Think about it. That post you plan to make to your church’s Facebook page today has to compete for the attention of people against not just hundreds, but BILLIONS of potential posts.

When people log on to their Facebook app, how likely is your post going to grab their attention as they scroll through hundreds of posts in a matter of minutes?

Here’s the thing…

“Text-based information is incredibly inefficient.”

People, on the whole, are more likely to understand, retain, and pay attention to visual content when compared to just the written word.

With Church Media Squad graphics, your message of hope can reach more people in less time.

With graphics like these, you will never have a problem with grabbing attention again.

Over the past three years,
Church Media Squad has…

Created 20,000+ Graphics

Served 850+ Churches

With 18 Church Staff Designers

We’re here to help you customize your graphics too.

Not every graphic on the Library is perfect for every church. There’s no need to learn Photoshop when you can have Church Media Squad make customized graphics for you.